Patrick Barwise – The War Against The BBC

For years the BBC has lost battles with right wing lobbyists, free market economists and competitors who frame the...

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Guy Raz – How Successful Entrepreneurs Build Brilliant Companies

Meet the man who transforms the brilliant business mind of successful entrepreneurs into pure audio gold on his massively...

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Kathryn Jacob and Sue Unerman – The Key to Belonging at Work

Richard Kilgarriff meets two media industry luminaries: Sue Unerman, Chief Transformation Officer at MediaCom and Kathryn Jacob OBE, Chief...

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George Zarkadakis – Re-Inventing Democracy in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Richard Kilgarriff shares OMI with George Zarkadakis. George works at the intersection of arts, science and technology to imagine...

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Thomas Erikson – How to Stop Being Exploited by Psychopaths

Thomas Erikson is the Swedish Behavioural expert whose book Surrounded By Idiots sold 2.5 million copies worldwide. In it...

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Tabitha Goldstaub – How to Talk to Robots: A Girl’s Guide to a Future Dominated by Ai

Rachel Schofield shares OMI with Tech entrepreneur Tabitha Goldstaub, whose new book HOW TO TALK TO ROBOTS: A GIRL’S...

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Dylan Jones – Sweet Dreams: The Story of The New Romantics

From the dismal dereliction of the Sex Pistols to peak-eighties gloss with Wham, coloured throughout by Margaret Thatcher’s politics...

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59: Leroy Logan – Closing Ranks: My Life as a Cop

Rachel Schofield shares OMI with retired Superintendent Leroy Logan MBE, founder member of the Black Police Association: His 30...

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58: Johan Norberg – Open: The Story of Human Progress

Richard Kilgarriff shares OMI with Johan Norberg, the Swedish historian of ideas and a senior fellow at libertarian think...

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