57: Naomi Bagdonas – Why Humour is a Superpower at Work

‘Eye-opening, important and utterly enjoyable. Come for the humour, stay for the insights.’ That’s what Arianna Huffington says of...

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56: Max Dickins – Using the Secrets of Improv to Succeed at Work

Abiola Ogunbiyi shares OMI with Max Dickins, the man behind Hoopla – the UK’s first improvisation training school –...

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55: Po Bronson and Arvind Gupta – Decoding The World

Imagine trying to rebuild the world one business at a time. That’s what PO BRONSON AND ARVIND GUPTA are...

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54: David Epstein – Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialised World

Richard Kilgarriff shares OMI with The No.1 New York Times best-selling author who specialises in the science of sports and...

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53: George Dyson – The Entangled Destinies of Nature, Humans and Machines

In this episode Richard Kilgarriff meets George Dyson, the science historian who presents human evolution and technology in the...

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52: Mike Berners-Lee – The Carbon Footprint of Everything

In this episode we meet the carbon footprint connoisseur who wants us to hone our instincts for measuring the...

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51: Elspeth Kirkman – Explaining Behavioural Insights

In this episode Rachel Schofield challenges you to consider how much of your behaviour is influenced by your unconscious...

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50: Richard Ovenden – A History of Knowledge Under Attack

We celebrate our 50th episode with Richard Ovenden, the director of the world famous Bodleian Library in Oxford. He...

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49: Sarah Frier – The Inside Story of Instagram

In this episode, Richard Kilgarriff meets Bloomberg journalist Sarah Frier, whose job it is to explain how social media...

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