Series: The Bookomicast

Leaders from the world of business and entertainment pick the Most Wanted Minds in Business, Science, Technology and Culture.

3: Adam Kucharski – The Rules of Contagion

Top epidemiologist Adam Kucharski talks to Richard Kilgarriff in this special Big Thinking episode; How contagion and ideas spread (and stop) and how numbers, timescale and social factors influence outbreaks across the world. Get a copy of Adam’s book, The Rules of ContagionĀ HERE.

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2: Rahul Jandial’s Most Wanted – Daniel Levitin

Rahul Jandial is a leading neurosurgeon/scientist and author of Life Lessons From a Brain Surgeon; The New Science and Stories of The Brain. In this episode he chooses Daniel Levitin’s The Changing Mind: A Neuroscientist’s Guide to Ageing Well as his Most Wanted new book and shares his OMI on making life or death decisions…

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1: Fi Glover’s Most Wanted – Kate Murphy

What better way to kick off a new podcast series than with a lifelong friend who happens to be a top podcaster? In this episode, BBC broadcaster and co-host of the Fortunately podcast, Fi Glover picks New York Times writer Kate Murphy’sĀ  “You’re Not Listening – What You’re Missing And Why it Matters” from Bookomi’s…

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