Patrick Barwise – The War Against The BBC

For years the BBC has lost battles with right wing lobbyists, free market economists and competitors who frame the corporation as biased, bloated, elite and out of touch with the people who pay for it to exist. In The War Against The BBC ( ,  London Business School Professor and “critical friend” of the corporation…

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Roman Krznaric – How to Think Long Term in a Short Term World

Meet the philosopher whose ideas influence political, economic and cultural reformers around the world.Today he’s urging us all to embrace our clear and present connection to a future as deep, if not deeper, than the billions of years behind us.Go deeper into Roman’s OMI with his book, get a copy in the Bookomi section of…

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Lily Cole – Who Cares Wins: Reasons For Optimism in a Changing World

From the age of 15, Lily Cole has travelled the world for the biggest fashion brands on the planet ; Alexander McQueen, Louis Vitton, Jean Paul Gaultier , Chanel – but the further she walked down the catwalk, the more she became aware of the damage that we’re doing to the environment -and very soon…

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