The Bookomicast 78: 78: AGC Studios Founder/CEO Stuart Ford picks The Powerful and The Damned : Private Diaries in Turbulent Times

Between 2005 and 2019 Lionel Barber led the digital transformation of the most important business newspaper in the world – The Financial Times –  taking it from the stands to the screen with over one million paying subscribers.

The Powerful and The Damned (buy your copy from an indie bookseller HERE) opens up the pages of his private diaries during that turbulent time, exposing off the record chats with the men and women who make and break economies around the world.

In this intimate conversation with Richard Kilgarriff, Lionel talks candidly about his opinion of Donal Trump, Dominic Cummings and David Cameron – could he (should he) have done more to prevent Brexit? And what does he think about the way government does business today?

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